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Tile and Grout Cleaning NYC

For the best tile and grout restoration, you need professional New York City tile and grout cleaning services like ours. We use the most advanced tools and techniques to make your surfaces sparkle like new.

Knowledgeable and Proven Practices

Our technicians know tiles. Many services won’t take into account the type of tile or its location before determining the best cleaning technique. Cleaning solutions can be abrasive and cause a gradual deterioration to your floor. Our technicians are the best New York City tile and grout cleaners in the business. Before they touch a brush or grout steam cleaner, expect a thorough examination of your tiles. Only then will they apply the right cleaning solution to any tile and grout restoration.


While you certainly want to personally maintain your tile on a regular basis, getting them professionally cleaned gets the best results. Our team can promise you outstanding grout, extracting everything that doesn’t belong.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call and make an appointment. We’ll show you why we’re the number one New York City tile, grout and carpet cleaning service!


We’ll start with a pre-vacuum. This lifts grit and dirt, minuscule particles that can cause long-term damage, even scratching tile during the cleaning process. After vacuuming, it’s time for the solution application. This is a critical step; the wrong type or too much solution can do more harm than good. Depending on the tile, the solution sits for a period of time, working into all the crevices and loosening grime, dirt and bacteria not captured during the pre-vacuum. After, our team utilizes a tool to scrub, getting unwanted elements hiding in the tiles and grout. Finally, a good grout steam cleaner will complete the job, leaving new surfaces that will hold up for years.

Client Testimonials

  • If you are looking for a super carpet cleaning job, call Carpet Cleaning New York City. I would recommend them to anyone. I have a baby, a toddler and two cats… Believe me… I have a lot of stains on my carpets. Carpet Cleaning New York City was able to get all the stains out and I'm completely satisfied with the results. They were very patient and polite. There's nothing better than a clean carpet.

    Denese M. New York City
  • Carpet Cleaning New York City did a fantastic job with my carpet. They were timely, efficient and left my stained carpet looking practically new.

    Beatrice B. New York City
  • I never realized how dirty my rug was until Carpet Cleaning New York City came to clean it. The difference was unbelievable. Now my rug looks like new again. The service was amazing; they know exactly what kind of care my rug needed

    Stacey C. New York City
  • Carpet Cleaning New York City did a great job cleaning my 13-years-old wool Berber wall-to-wall that was very badly stained. Looks like new. The technician was knowledgeable, efficient and pleasant. I'd use them again, anytime.

    John F. New York City
  • I was very pleased with the cleaning provided by Carpet Cleaning New York City. They were polite and efficient and all stains were completely removed. I would use this company again and would recommend them to friends.

    Dorian N.O. New York City
  • We have had Carpet Cleaning New York City clean our office carpets on several occasions. The pride they take in a job well-done is something rarely seen these days. Their work is vastly superior to any other carpet cleaners we have had in the past

    Ken D. Physiotherapy New York City
  • We want to express our gratitude to Carpet Cleaning New York City for doing an excellent job. They very courteous, friendly and professional. We had water damage in Restaurant. Water damage was cleaned and sanitized with mildew treatment. We highly recommend his work. Thanks to them, we are running our business smoothly.

    Joe K. New York City
  • Working with Carpet Cleaning New York City was great. They did such a wonderful and timely job on one of my oriental rugs, I sent eleven more. The customer service and response time was fast. All of my rugs were beautifully clean and back in one week I recommend Carpet Cleaning New York City without reservation. Thanks!!!!

    Jenny B. New York City

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